About Roblogs

An old Roblox Community

Roblogs is a Community dedicated to the recreation of Legacy Roblox events and Tools.
We make events and content inside Roblox and Novetus. An Old Roblox Launcher developed by Bitl Studios.

Is Roblogs a Revival?

No, Roblogs is not a Revival, we encourage the usage of Legacy Clients bringing our users tools and a Website where to share
theirs creations in the clients, but we are not looking forward to become a revival.

We dont distribute Any Clients or Modified Roblox files except RBXM AND RBXL files, are not officialy supported by us and we don't recommend downloading them from unknown sources.


The Roblogs Website and Community is headed by the Administrators. If you encounter any problems regarding the site or someone breaking the rules. They will help you.
Administrators will never ask for your password or personal data
  • freakyfinder (Owner)
  • inshanesane (Owner)
  • Zebra (Administrator)
  • Blocko (Administrator)
  • Weeglem (Main Website developer)

Where you can find us:

Copyright and Privacy

  • Roblogs Is not affiliated with The Roblox Corporation and Roblox in any way, we are not responsable for anything that happens outisde the Roblogs' website and Discord Community.
  • No data from the user is collected when creating an account.
  • Roblogs is free to use and of charge. Anyone attempting making profit inside Roblogs is trying to is attempting to steal from you.
  • You can Upload Games and Models to the website as long they dont have Curse words, in case, your request will be rejected
  • Uploaded media wont be removed by deleting an account, Games, models and Comments will be removed through request.