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Ro-Bits is a currency, made by Roblogs.

Ro-Bits is a Roblogs currency, similar to tix.
You get +10 Ro-Bits for free every day, and you can then either spend the Ro-Bits on Roblogs, or trade them with other users, for Robux.

Read more about Ro-Bits here.

What is Ro-Bits?

Ro-Bits is a recreation of Tickets (Tix), with a bit of modification.

You can get +10 Ro-Bits for free every day, if you visit this website, and enter the code in the Roblox Ro-Bits game.

You can then either spend the Ro-Bits on Roblogs stuff, or do whatever you want with them. There is endless possibilities.

How do I get Ro-Bits?

There is multiple ways you can get your hands on Ro-Bits.

The first method is just getting +10 Ro-Bits for free every single day.
You can do this by going to This Page, and doing what it says.

The second method, is buying Ro-Bits off of other users, or trading them. To buy them directly from other players, go to This Page.

Can I make Robux off Ro-Bits?

Yes, you could make Robux off Ro-Bits.

Ro-Bits is a form of Roblox cryptocurrency. Even though this sounds sketchy, it has its similarities.
You can obtain Ro-Bits for free, or you can trade them with other users, for an example, using Robux.
As we are constantly adding new stuff, and new stuff that you can use your Ro-Bits for, Ro-Bits demand will most likely rise. This means that more people want Ro-Bits, and they want it fast. The fastest way they can earn Ro-Bits, is either winning a contest, or buying them with Robux.
This means that you could eventually resell your Ro-Bits, in return for Robux, which means that you can profit off of it. And even the slightest price will be profit, if you have obtained your Ro-Bits by saving up for free.

Isn't Ro-Bits against ToS?

No, it is not.

Since the actual Ro-Bits is stored inside a Roblox game, it is basically just like coins in a regular Roblox game.
So that means everything is 100% on Roblox, and is therefore not a third party currency or anything like that.
The only exception is the codes. The codes are given out on the website. But that is just like twitter promocodes. You go to another site like twitter.com (in our case it is this website), and then get a code, which you can then redeem Ro-Bits from, which is a leaderstats element, just like coins in a regular Roblox game.

Ro-Bits Terms of Use

When you're using Ro-Bits, you have to follow a single rule.

You might think that you can just create a thousand alt accounts, and then end up with hundreds of Ro-Bits every day.
This is NOT allowed! We are going to keep track of all Ro-Bit transactions, and can therefore easily see if you have been getting +10 Ro-Bits from 5 different accounts on the same day, and all of the accounts were made 3 days ago.

If you break this rule, you can be banned from using Ro-Bits.


Read the whitepaper written by freakyfinder, to get a better understanding of what Ro-Bits is.

Ro-Bits: A Free To Earn Roblox Currency