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Ro-Bits is a currency, made by Roblogs.

Ro-Bits is a Roblogs currency, similar to tix.
You get +10 Ro-Bits for free every day, and you can then either spend the Ro-Bits on Roblogs, or trade them with other users, for Robux.

Read more about Ro-Bits here.

If you want to exchange your Ro-Bits for Robux, or Robux to Ro-Bits, you can do that here.

To buy or sell Ro-Bits, you need to join our Discord Server,
and use the channel called "#ro-bit-marketplace".

There, you can put your exchange rate (e.g 1 Robux for 10 Ro-Bits, or something like that.)
You decide the exchange rate, however, Ro-Bits has a value. Click Here to view the value chart.

The value is determined by the average price it has been sold for.

Note: If you sell your Ro-Bits for 50% more, or 50% less than its value, it won't be changing the price. This is to prevent inflation, or deflation.