The Metal Bar

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File size: 1.00 MB

Game by Jungleskog


Author: Jungleskog

Version: 2008M+

Uploaded: 12-3-2024

Favorites: 5

Status: Public

The Metal Bar is a very popular location in Roblogs City. So popular that each day a party is held there! What a wonderful location. Or so.. they think..

Reviews (7)

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July 14, 2:59 pm by Carlthepepsiaddict

really a good job dude!!

July 12, 7:49 am by dragoltfang

awesome game! it deserves 5 stars!

July 11, 5:59 am by freakyfinder

The best part about this game is the file size. Exactly 1.00MB

July 11, 12:36 am by resonance

W0W! I L0V TH1S!!

July 10, 4:28 pm by pieabout

r0ck 4nd r011

July 10, 4:26 pm by Weeglem

Cool game man