Survive the Builder's Club Members: Revamped

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Game by Jozuno


Author: Jozuno

Version: 2010L+

Uploaded: 12-3-2024

Favorites: 4

Status: Public

(Works best with ORRH 2009L-2010E and Novetus 2009L and 2010L check Discord for localized version) Survive a horde of BCers out to kill you for being an NBCer! BCers don't do anything special TBCers walk faster than you and OBCers can destroy blocks. You get points for every BCer you kill and you can then buy weapons or tool that will be given to you at round start.

Reviews (5)

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July 14, 3:02 pm by Carlthepepsiaddict

really entertaining game, amazing!!

July 13, 10:31 am by Jungleskog

this is phenomenal

July 12, 3:39 pm by SammyGoesHowdy

genuinely the most entertaining game i've seen on the platform

July 10, 6:10 pm by Weeglem

Amazing game!

July 10, 6:20 am by pieabout

To be honest i didnt expect the game to be this quality. the game is truly fun to open at a spare time turn off your brain and kill some people with builders club. also it reminds me of super bomb survival!