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Game by mauri9


Author: mauri9

Version: 2009E+

Uploaded: 12-3-2024

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Status: Public

(This map will be ###### in development for 2 reasons one being that I lost the previous versions of this map (I was able to recover the first one but unfortunately it is corrupt) the other reason is that I am stuck on what I am going to do with the map I mean partly about expanding and all part of expanding and all that in case I tried to make an expansion on Gray #### with a few tweaks but many times the map was corrupted and its previous versions were already deleted so I'm afraid miss this one :c) PD: I don't know why there are words that are censored I literally just said pause and city (If you want you can download the latest version I made (which is also incomplete) and the previous one on the roblog discord)

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